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Who Am I?

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Some of my highlights

My paintings show wildlife encountering each other in their natural habitat. which is what happens all the time in nature. The paintings are action oriented . The viewer is in anticipation of a climactic moment unfolding. Creating true to life drama. I paint using similar techniques as the old masters. Laying down layers of dark background. Then layering on light and color. Finishing with a flat or gloss varnish. I paint with Windsor and Newton Sceptre Gold II [1000] brushes for the most part. Which are the smallest brushes on the spectrum. While standing I use a magnification lamp in order to capture the desired detail. The paintings are done in oils. On triple primed extra fine linen canvas. It takes me approximately three months to complete a 20″x 30″ painting. It is a very labour intensive process.
Check out some of my best work!

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Check out some of my best work!